Does this sound like you?

“I’m stuck in a dating rut.”

“I’m tired of swiping left and right without finding the right match.”

“I’ve been on countless dates, but nothing seems to click.”

“I feel like giving up on finding love.”

“I’ve experienced so many heartbreaks, bad dates, and disappointments, that I’ve lost hope.”

It's not just you!

The dating world can be a tough place, and I know this first-hand. For years, I struggled to find a lasting, loving relationship. I went on countless dates, invested time and energy into relationships that ultimately went nowhere, and experienced my fair share of heartbreak and disappointment.

I know that so many women out there are experiencing this too. It can feel like an endless cycle of swiping left and right, going on dates that lead nowhere, and feeling more and more discouraged with each passing day. You start to wonder if something is wrong with you, if you're doing something wrong, or if true love is even possible.

But here's the thing: it is possible….

I'm here to tell you that you deserve to find a relationship that brings you joy and fulfilment… It might not happen overnight, and there might be bumps in the road along the way, but with the right tools and guidance, you can break free from the cycle of disappointment and start attracting the love you deserve.

Hear It From Our Happy Clients!!!

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This course definitely puts you in a position to challenge your own beliefs and behaviors. I appreciate the homework because it helps you apply the content. If you're ready to do the work then this course will be beneficial.

    - Vendola Lawrence

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I found the course to provide a different perspective on relationships that I’ve never considered. It made me think and re-evaluate my perspective and beliefs on relationships. I also had to make a tough decision and do so many things that were outside of my comfort zone. Despite being uncomfortable I pushed through and now I’m in a happy and healthy relationship. This course was life-changing for me.
    - -Future Mrs. P

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    The topics are unlimited, and the advice he gives is unmatched. I was already on my journey of self-improvement, but he helped me to become empowered. Dr. Branch has a genuine way to connect to people. If you come to him with an open mind, you'll leave with an open heart.
    -Dawn T

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    I love how Dr. Branch breaks things down and provides so many different analogies and scenarios that prepared me to start dating again. I’m more confident and comfortable in myself and know that it’s more about what works best for me instead of placing so much emphasis on my partners wants and needs.
    -Tamara N

  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    This course challenged me in ways that I did not expect. I started the course with a mindset based on my background and upbringing. I realized how I’ve been in and out of relationships due to traditions, culture and my own trauma. I never considered therapy until taking this course. Dr. Branch explained things in a simple way that made so much sense to me. I’m proud to say that this course was the beginning of me finding a therapist to start to start working on myself.
    --Stephanie K

Who is This Course For?

This program is designed specifically for women who are ready to take charge of their romantic lives and find lasting love. If you…

  • Are seeking a committed, long-term relationship…

  • Have struggled with finding healthy relationships in the past and want to learn how to improve your dating experiences….

  • Are ready to take an active role in their dating life and are open to learning new skills and approaches to relationships….

  • Are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of themselves and their needs in a romantic partnership…

  • This course is for you!

By The End of This Course, You’ll:

  • Learn to take control of your dating life, learn how to confidently navigate the dating world, and find the right partner for you.

  • Say goodbye to unhealthy relationships! I'll teach you how to recognize red flags and establish healthy boundaries to protect yourself from toxic partners.

  • Develop your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. Through fun and interactive exercises, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your own needs, desires, and values in a relationship.

  • Expand your dating pool! I'll show you how to use online dating apps effectively and connect with potential partners who share your interests and goals.

  • Embrace the joy of love! Ultimately, The Driver's Seat is about empowering you to find and build a loving, fulfilling relationship that brings you happiness and joy.

Course Curriculum

  • 1


    • Before We Get Started...

    • Introduction

    • Toolbox Video

    • The Driver's Seat Toolbox Worksheet

  • 2

    Chapter 1

    • Get Out of the Trunk and Invest in Self Video

    • The Onion Assessment

    • The ROS Worksheet

    • The Blueprint Worksheet

  • 3

    Chapter 2

    • Belief System Video - Part 1

    • Belief System Video - Part 2

    • Belief System Video - Part 3

    • Upbringing and Culture Worksheet

    • Relationship Timeline Worksheet

    • Change is Hard Worksheet

  • 4

    Chapter 3

    • Try Therapy Video

    • Try Therapy Powerpoint.pdf

    • Therapy Assessment

    • Resources for Therapy

  • 5

    Chapter 4

    • Cake and Icing Video

    • Cake and Icing PowerPoint

    • Relationship Terminology Worksheet

    • Prioritize and Categorize Worksheet

    • Rules of Engagement Worksheet

  • 6


    • Driver's Seat Challenges Video

    • Homework and Challenges

    • Share Your Thoughts...